Welcome to the UBC Postdoctoral Association!

We are an interdisciplinary group of postdoctoral fellows and research associates at UBC. Since 2006, our executive team has been working closely with the Postdoctoral Fellows Office to represent all postdoctoral fellows equally, and advocate on their behalf.

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Our Mission

To enhance the academic experience and encourage peer engagement at the University of British Columbia.

Our Motivation

We accomplish this by advocating on behalf of the postdoctoral and research associate community to all levels of UBC administration, by:
1. providing an open forum to communicate and share experiences,
2. hosting top-tier events that highlight the scholarly work of our peers,
3. operating professional development seminars to supplement postdoctoral training, and
4. offering career-oriented resources for the next generation of research leaders.

Click here for an overview of our upcoming events.

UBC PDA also convenes with the Postdoctoral Fellows Office each month, which allows PDA members to discuss concerns and brainstorm ideas to effect positive changes and outcomes. 

Membership in the UBC PDA is open to all current fellows and research associates of UBC, and puts you in touch with members of the research community across all UBC departments, representing a powerful network for sharing knowledge, creating connections, and raising your profile. 

Members of the PDA are encouraged to join the Executive Team to share your ideas and get involved in organizing our events. Express your interest and commitment to be involved by contacting us


Interested in joining UBC as a postdoc? As a volunteer organisation of postdocs at UBC, the UBC PDA has no influence on hiring and admission to postdoctoral programs. We recommend contacting the Department or Research Group that you are interested in directly.