How to Train Your Inner Dragon: Robert Herjavec

Yesterday, the 22nd, Robert Herjavec came to UBC for a presentation in Henry Angus. I’ll be honest, when I went into the simulcast room, Robert being a multi-millionaire celebrity on the show Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank) and all, I was convinced that he would deliver a very dry, commercial speech. I mean, a guy who owns more than 10 exotic cars couldn’t be rich and genuinely humble and inspiring at the same time…

Boy, was I wrong. Robert was erudite, eloquent, and earnest. I experienced so many “eureka” moments in the mere 40, 50 minute speech of his. So, I would like to share my top 5 takeaways from the person who has inspired me the most this year.


“Entrepreneurship isn’t always about creating something completely new. It can also be taking something that works and making it better.”

Robert first gave insight into how he got successful as an entrepreneur selling internet security before the internet even become remotely popular.


“You can’t be shy when it comes your time to shine.”

This was a big help for me. Due to a few bad experiences in middle school, I have a huge problem with nerves during performances, speeches, presentations, and the such. However, Robert brings up the point that if you’re good at what you do and if you’re confident of all that you’re saying, then you should be stick behind your words and not be ashamed of anything you say. To achieve that assuredness, he gives a simple solution: “test before you believe.”


“Change is the only thing that remains constant.”

“Be aware that things change all the time,” Robert says. “Where you’re going will constantly change.” To keep up with the change, he adds that “it’s all about speed. You’ll fail, but quickly get back up and try again.”


“If you have a good idea but can’t communicate it, you could be taken advantage of by someone who can. Communication is key.”

The more days that pass, the more I realize that you can get away with a lot if you excel in writing. Being an eloquent speaker is another (necessary) plus. A good speaker comes across as sophisticated, confident, and collected. It is a way to portray your ideas for others to easily understand what you mean.


“I’m successful because of all the times I failed.”

Robert Herjavec emphasizes that what gets him up every morning is his motivation to constantly improve, as well as his passion for his job. In order to be successful, one must stay committed to something and keep going. Why put things off when you can do them now? Although genetics may favour some over others, everyone has 24 hours in a day, and how one uses and manages that time the key. Robert gave an anecdotal recall to a lunch with Arnold Schwarzenegger, quoting him comically advising students objecting a tuition raise to “sleep faster.” In a radio show, he mentions that he personally gets up at 4AM every morning and gets to work at 5AM. I agree completely; who needs 8 hours of sleep when 6 hours would suffice, and you could get 2 extra hours of work? 14 hours of extra a week to accomplish anything.

I’m sure there is a lot more that he said that I may not have covered, but these were all the main points that applied to me currently. Here’s to Robert Herjavec, a truly remarkable and inspiring man.

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23. March 2011 by Valerie Song
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