Business or Charity

China was investigating foreign manufacturers of infant milk formula. A question strike me as I read this news article, why is there such a high demand for infant milk formula from foreign countries? The answer to this question can be found in 2008, when six infants died due to poisonous milk powder. The lack of business ethics of Chinese milk products manufacturers certainly contributed to the general unpopularity of Chinese milk products.

However, what is business ethics? The words sounds simple and literal, yet abstract. Chinese dairy companies added in melamine, that falsely boosts the protein levels in milk, in order to make bigger profit. Then, is business ethics about not trying to make as much profit? I personally will argue no. I think that business is all about making money legally and that business ethics is a respect to laws and regulations. Chinese dairy companies are unethical due to their failure to respect health and safety regulations. On the other hand foreign manufacturers who might control supply to earn great profit is just doing their job.

A business is about profit. If the owners and stockholders cares about a social cause more, they would have started a charity instead.

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