The Life & Times of AMS Gossip Guy

UPDATE: We just chatted online with GG, and he says that he has been the original all along, and used his Kiwi friend’s name for the VFM form, to cash any cheques. Sneaky sneaky, that one.

Last year on your AMS Elections ballot, you could have voted for AMS Gossip Guy.

This year, he faded into oblivion without any clandestine affairs, tweets, or posts; save for a random one come the UN invasion. Why did Gossip Guy leave us hanging without any scintillating material?

Because, our dear friends, he had left the country.

We wish that it was some hot steamy affair with an executive (insert the need for Fan Fiction here), or even a fellow AMS alias (Eden Hart, anyone?), but alas, we haven’t uncovered any truth to these ponderings.

We have, however, uncovered something else.


After the super-secret-like-omg-we’re-legitimate Student Editorial Board meeting for the rad new Administration Blog, Gossip Guy was rejuvenated. Apparently all he needed was to be in a room full of “accredited” media to smell the desire and sex appeal of our industry and start posting with some graphical zeal.

We here at AMS Confidential began to use investigative journalism to find out who, exactly, this new Gossip Guy was. We out-researched Issues that Matter & the Ubyssey, and came to a successful conclusion. We know who GG is, and we just wanted to let you all know that we know. So, congratulations, your $1000 in votes was put to good use.

Just think of Gossip Guy like UBC’s own Dread Pirate Roberts.

average UBC student, or Gossip Guy?

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