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It’s A Referendum in the A.U.S.

dean nancy does not approve of your courtyard drinking. take it inside, son. also, FLOATING BEER.

This is part 1 of a point/counterpoint series on the AUS referendum. Hopefully we’ll get around to the counterpoint.

Votin’ with a click like yeahhhh

Checkin’ that box like yeahhhh.

There’s a poorly advertised/promoted/talked about referendumb question on this year’s AUS election ballot. It reads something like:

Do you wish to pay more every year for a new party space on campus? Like, not too much. Way the hell less than those new 2012 commerce kids, and when it’s all said and done, a little more than those damn peppy HKINners want in their referendum.

At this point, you might be all like “ZOMG WHAT A DEAL,” like when they put two Cheetos bags on sale for $4 and you buy four bags instead of your usual one because they’re so much cheaper.

Maybe you’re thinking “NAW WAY SON” because instead of an extra few bucks per year given to the AUS, you could buy eight whole bags of Cheetos instead of one or four.

If this thing passes and meets quorum (unlikely), you artsies will be paying:

  • $18 for 2010/2011 and 2011/2012
  • $23 for 2012/2013 and 2013/2014
  • $28 for 2015/2016, then adjusted by inflation/CPI

Well, wait Gossip Guy. That seems like a fairly reasonable increase for a new building/sapce, but… what’s it going to look like? Where will it be? Great questions, astute reader! Luckily, GG has obtained some documents showing a revamped Buchanan West Courtyard. Clicky “continue reading” to see…

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News for Noobs

We here at Sexy R UsĀ Confidential have been looking for a third editor to spice things up, give us neck rubs when needed, and lighten our loads a bit so we don’t fail out of university.

We’re pleased to announce a VFM marriage of sorts, with the addition of our new editor, AMS Gossip Guy himself.

GG will post more on himself at a later date.

Hillson, we still love you.

On to some sad, sad news.

Unfortunately, glitter extremist and twittebrity Taylor will be leaving Confidential until constituency elections are over. She has joined forces with Chairman Naylor as part of the AUS Elections Committee and wicked awesome ubcvotes.ca team…it’s pretty hard to compete with that sexy Chairman, especially now with his dashing new smile. Oh, and his deep pockets.

Now on to some happy, happy news.

VFM IS BACK! Or, so says this tweet. We’re stoked to have you all voting for us again & again & again and promise to bring you some delicious content on everything scandalous in AUS, EUS, HKUS, and SUS elections!! Check our events page for all the events and remember to follow our Twitter.

The Life & Times of AMS Gossip Guy

UPDATE: We just chatted online with GG, and he says that he has been the original all along, and used his Kiwi friend’s name for the VFM form, to cash any cheques. Sneaky sneaky, that one.

Last year on your AMS Elections ballot, you could have voted forĀ AMS Gossip Guy.

This year, he faded into oblivion without any clandestine affairs, tweets, or posts; save for a random one come the UN invasion. Why did Gossip Guy leave us hanging without any scintillating material?

Because, our dear friends, he had left the country.

We wish that it was some hot steamy affair with an executive (insert the need for Fan Fiction here), or even a fellow AMS alias (Eden Hart, anyone?), but alas, we haven’t uncovered any truth to these ponderings.

We have, however, uncovered something else.


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