Sorry, JMac and BCapp.

We here at AMS Confidential would like to express our sincerest apologies to Ben Cappellacci and Jeremy McElroy. You may remember the picture to the right, from a while back. At the time, we were quite critical about their brown, “old man blazers.” I know times are tough since Bijan’s idea for a clothing allowance was killed, but you guys need to call each other ahead and make sure you’re not wearing similar jackets on the same day. Faux pas!

Why are we sorry? Due to this monstrosity.

What would possess someone to buy such a jacket? This garment makes those brown old man blazers look… well, better. Now I’m really glad Bijan didn’t get that clothing allowance, because I wouldn’t want my student fees to be spent on garbage like this. The brown… the grey…  Yuck.

This picture (before the unicorn heart laser battle) was snagged from Bijan’s latest video blog, where we got to see his uninspired speech at the UBC Student Leadership Conference. I highly enjoyed the panning shots of the crowd where you can see people texting, along with other University staff not really paying attention. Using his finely honed conflict resolution skills, Bijan taught us it’s important to compromise in situations like signing lease agreements. O RLY?

[Editor’s Note: the SLC specifically mentioned that there was to be no photo or video taken in the Chan Centre, whoops!]

6 thoughts on “Sorry, JMac and BCapp.

  1. marie

    ugh…but i`m sure bijan`s student fee funded salary funded those yellow t-shirts worn in the video

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  3. Dr What

    Alternative hypothesis: Bijan is wearing a hideous jacket BECAUSE he didn’t get the clothing allowance (either because 1. he doesn’t have money for non-hideous clothes, 2. he is making a point about the clothing allowance, or, 3. without a clothing fund there is no “clothing fund director” to teach him how to dress).

    It’s like his jacket got caught in the void between parallel fashion universes.

  4. Dizzy

    What is with the ridiculous camera angles in his videos…I’m dizzy!
    Only good thing about that speech was the shout out to UBC LipDub!!!

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