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INFOGRAPHIC: Still can’t decide?

LAZY STUDENTS. We’ve sorted through three very similar presidential campaigns to bring you this: one-sentence differences on five key issues, from the cost of education to imagining the AMS is a lady/gentleman you’re taking out on a date. Keep our chart open in another window while you’re voting!

All answers have been condensed and paraphrased from debates hosted by The Ubyssey and the AMS Elections committee, with attention to statements made in interviews. We’ve tried very fucking hard to present opinions with great accuracy and no bias, but as always, we encourage readers to read the originals and become EPIC FUCKING HACKS. Our summaries—and background information on the issues—are after the jump.

Really lazy? We’ll be putting up endorsements and semantics in the next 24 hours. Click this amazing infographic below and vote on.


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The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Frat Party

Tonight, AMS Council justified a very small part of its nonexistent paycheque by shutting down a proposal from Dayglow events to take over Block Party. Dayglow is a touring party that crams a bunch of almost-twenty-somethings into a concrete bunker/outdoor venue, has them wear all white, and then sprays them down with neon paint. Also, acrobats!

UPDATE: All the best tweets of the night, here! With video!

i feel so respected for my mind!

Can you even attend this party ironically?


Councillors quickly came to the conclusion that this was perhaps not the best choice, bringing up varying accusations of objectification of women, sexism, that time a Dayglow party sent 44 people to the hospital, etc.

Dayglow had run the idea past both the AMS Execs and the Student Life and Communications Committee before jamming this onto the Council agenda at the last minute—proving once and for all that some people actually can’t take no for an answer.

Tcha, broseph: no means no.