The Uprising of Lululemon’s Twin

What’s different between the Vancouver-based Lululemon, with a market capitalization of $9.2billion, and the new boutique company based in Toronto named Yogagurl? Alex Leikermoser took a step back to examine what Lululemon was not offering before she started to find the right manufacturer and the key partnerships. The main reason why Yogagurl was able to take over a big share of the market was because it launched itself in an area where consumers want clothing manufactured closer to their homes. By that, a niche market was easily developed by satisfying the specialized Customer Segments which partners with both Value Propositions and Distribution Channels. Yogagurl was able to manage its own costs and expand itself by reaching out to social media, which would allow the company to build upon pre-orders, so inventory issues would be diminished. Not only does Yogagurl sells botanical perfumes, mats and CD’s but they also offer yoga classes – currently the main focus of the company. A successful company would be able to turn their focus of wanting people to buy their products to people wanting to buy their products. Ms. Leikemoser believes that could happen for her company, if given the right partnerships and manufacturer.



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