#Fatmatters – as tweeted March 3 from SFU Harbour Centre

Just a note: to read in chronological order, scroll to the bottom and then read up! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

  1. THANKS TO THE BIG RAD CROWD AT — goodnight!

  2. The Canada food guide influences nutritional recommendations but who influences the food guide? Dairy, wheat industries etc

  3. to the person from public health, a book recommendation probes concept of “public” in colonial context

  4. Tweet about obesity, get weight loss and diet spam bots immediately

  5. are we embodying the worst effects of capitalism? Can refusing processed food be seen as a site of resistance?Favorite

  6. but what about the weight loss industry, diet books, quick fix pills and the immense amount of money they generate?

  7. Can the hyper-slender body also be understood as a symptom of capitalism and of the “food-substitution” industry?

  8. Charles Menzies: “food-substitution industry.” Origins in anti-masturbation and fibre-intake (for pooping).

  9. “Very few democracies use the criminal justice act to control fisheries, but in Canada we doโ€ฆ” Charles Menzies,

  10. First Nations foodways made illegal — Charles Menzies telling important stories.

  11. Why are we so committed to the idea that obesity is purely an individual matter? Who’s interests are being served?

  12. Challenging ourselves to look at the context that conditions individual choices re: health

  13. Carmen, any chance you have your image avail. online to share? Best explanation I have seen of this.

  14. Much more accurate! โ€œ: Refreshing to hear a clinician say that there is an epidemic of insulin resistance… โ€

  15. Refreshing to hear a clinician say that there is an epidemic of insulin resistance rather than obesity

  16. what was the cost of the Big Fat Diet? Was it sustainable past the year in the film?

  17. Loving this big crowd at ! And they’re hungry too — salmon was first to go!

  18. Looking forward to meeting you tonight at , Charles! Thanks so much for joining us.

  19. See you tonight at ! Looking forward to hearing you speak!

  20. Shout out to Vancouver kids launching a feminist event series called Fat Matters tonight?

  21. Tune in tonight at about 8 PM PST (midnight EST) for live tweeting of the fist FAT MATTERS Q&A & discussion. Ask a Q by tagging: ite


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