We had our first ASIS&T@UBC meeting of 2011 on Tuesday and thanks to everyone who came out. The minutes from the meeting have gone up on our Minutes page, so if you missed the meeting (like I did, unfortunately) you can take a look at what the group discussed.

The major points to note were:

  1. the fundraising (which is part of our mandate) has been shifted from the TShirt extravaganza to exploring other options (in other words, the excitement wasn’t there but we still need to find a way to pay for our events – suggestions are welcome)
  2. Cool Tools day is coming up next week
  3. Research Day is also approaching, so get your papers presentable and submit them by January 24th
  4. we’re going to be bringing in Rex Turgano, founder of thegreenpages.ca for an informal talk in February (space will be limited; we’ll let you know when it’ll be as soon as it’s all confirmed)

Our next meeting is Tuesday February 2, 2011 12:30-1:30 in the Trail Room, but before that we hope to see you at Cool Tools Day. I suppose it’s possible we’ll see you on the intertubes as well. We’re here a lot.