Just a reminder that our first Cool Tool day of 2011 is coming up on January 25th from 12:30-1:30 in the Terrace Lab at SLAIS.

What is a Cool Tool Day? I am glad you asked. You know those little bits of technology you use that make your life easier? That’s a tool that is cool. Would you like to tell other people about this fascinating little gem? That too is cool. Come and share with your colleagues!

Generally we’ve been doing web-based things or little bits of software that are easy to demonstrate in a computer lab (if it’s software that needs to be installed it’s generally easier if you bring it in on your laptop but we can figure it out if you let us know what you need), but we’re open to any short information-technology-type presentations.

So come and share, or come and learn about the tools other people use! They’re just 5 minute presentations (we have a strict timekeeper) and good low-pressure practice for presenting information to a bunch of interested people.

We’ve got a signup sheet on the ASIS&T wiki. (Also on that page is a brief list of the Cool Tools from last term. You can get more information about those previous tools here and here.)

If you want more information about Cool Tools day and how you can participate, you can also come to our regular ASIS&T meeting this Tuesday January 18 from 12:30-1:30 in the Trail room. We’ll be discussing more than Cool Tools and we’d love to see people from the new cohort. All are welcome, technophiles and technophobes alike.