Present: Adam, Kristoff, Jamie, Joy, Andrew, Mary.

  • Cool tools days re-cap: We still need to put a write up on the Wiki. Discussion also turned to re-organizing the wiki to better suit our long-term needs of transferring information from one exec group to the next.
  • Next cool tools day set for November 8 from 12 noon to 1PM in the Terrace Lab. We’ll serve timbits (Jamie) and coffee (Adam). We’ll also live blog the re-cap (Adam).
  • Trivia Night: still need a location. Tossing around some off campus ideas. May mean that event is more of a social gathering than fundraiser if we need to slip in to an existing trivia night.
  • RFID brown bag: Andrew to email David re: his contact.
  • Conferences: Andrew attended part of Access 2011. He will email link with videos of presentation to ASIS&T listserv. Also, on Nov 12 there is a conference in Washington that he will send more info about. THAT Camps?
  • Next meeting: Tentatively set for second week of school in January. Will email when date is closer to pin down time. Need to have it confirmed before January cohort orientation.
  • End of meeting.

Sorry for the delay in posting these, and thanks for coming out!