Hey all,

Cool Tools Day is upon us once more – this coming WEDNESDAY November 14th! This time around we’re focusing on Data Analysis/Data Visualization Tools.

From 12-1230, UBC Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Librarian Tom Brittnacher will be giving an overview of how GIS works and some of its applications.

From 1230-1 we’ll do the usual Cool Tools thing – some us will present some interesting/fun visualization tools we’ve discovered – and we encourage you to share some as well! As usual, you can sign up for a 5min slot on our wiki (http://wiki.ubc.ca/ASIST/Cool_Tool_Days) – alternatively, email Sam at samantha.m.mills@gmail.com with your name and the tool you’d like to share, and she’ll add you to the schedule.

Tools already on tap:

Sam – GrandPerspective
Kristof – DataWrangler

Feeling extra brave? Learn one on the fly here – 22 Free Data Visualization Tools – and come show us what you discover!

See you all at 12pm, Wednesday November 14th in the Terrace Lab!

(YES, we know this event overlaps with the pizza event to open the new Greig Lab – think of it as a chance to wander in and out of both, absorbing at your leisure!)