Academic integrity pledge

Including an academic integrity pledge to high-stakes remote assessments (such as exams) helps to reduce misconduct by speaking to the Rationalization aspect of the academic integrity framework.  (Remember, this is only one element an is likely insufficient on its own to appreciably address misconduct.)

Following is sample text, adapted from materials prepared by Jim Sibley in Applied Science at UBC, provides starting text that you can customize for your needs on a given assessment.

I affirm that I will not give or receive any unauthorized help on this examination, that all work will be my own, and that I will abide by [institution or unit name] policies and any special rules for conduct set out by the examiner.

In addition to the general policies and rules set out by the University, the following also apply to this examination:

  • [Enter details here – e.g. “You must work alone, and may not communicate with any other people by any means during the examination,” “You are NOT permitted to duplicate, reproduce, store, or share any portion of this examination by any means”, “You are permitted only to use the Brand X Model Y calculator, as specified in the course syllabus; all other calculators and electronic aids are prohibited,” and so on as appropriate]

I understand that any violation of policies or rules set out by the University or the examiner will be investigated as a case of academic misconduct, and the usual consequences and penalties as set out in the [institution] Academic Calendar will apply.

[  ] I hereby agree to the above Integrity Pledge

[  ] I understand that violation of any part of the above Integrity Pledge will result in an academic misconduct investigation

Type your name here [                                             ] in place of a signature.

Note that the agreement to the pledge at the bottom is easily incorporated into an online assessment using multiple choice and textbox questions.  Agreement with the first two prompts can in some platforms be set as a required question (i.e., students cannot move on in the exam until they agree).  In a pen-and-paper exam that students scan and upload, the “Type your name here” would be replaced by a signature.  If the nature of the assessment platform does not require students to answer all three parts of the pledge, consider some stronger wording that the exam is considered incomplete without these elements answered.