Streamlining manual grading

The following is an incomplete list of tools for use when students are to submit work

Canvas.png Canvas assignments: with Assignments in Canvas, you can have students submit a written response to an assignment, or attach a media recording or other file as their submission.  Grading is integrated into Canvas (i.e., grades get pushed to the gradebook), and it supports the use of rubrics.  There is also a peer grading option if you would like students to grade the work of other students.  This tools is highly appropriate for cases where students submit artifacts as attachments for grading (e.g. lab and design reports, presentation files, scanned solutions to homework or take-home exams, etc.).

  • If multiple graders will be marking different parts of an assessment (e.g. three TAs, each grading a different question in a take-home quiz),some people prefer to have a separate assignment for each question as this makes managing file uploads much easier.
Canvas.png Canvas quizzes (see above) can be used with an expanded list of question styles if you are willing to include human grading. This includes short answer and essay questions, as well as the possibility for file uploads.

  • A single quiz can have both automatically and human-graded questions.
  • On longer assessments (i.e., many questions) it can be cumbersome to navigate between questions for grading;
Crowdmark.png Crowdmark:  Crowdmark is an online grading tool for simultaneous use by multiple graders.  It uses QR codes to identify each page of an uploaded assignment, and link that to a specific student.  Return of graded work to students is done digitally, simplifying that process and also preserving the integrity of the original work, and providing a digital record for accreditation.  (For a detailed assessment in a large first-year engineering course context, see CEEA2016-paper 136.)  Crowdmark operates in two modes:

  • Assigned assessment: any assessment that a student completes independently. The student will be emailed the assessment and must scan and upload their completed assessment.
  • Administered assessment: assessment where instructors prepare and distribute exams, and then scan and upload those to the system (suitable for in-person exams)
Gradescope.png Gradescope: Gradescope is an online grading tool similar to Crowdmark in that it can be used simultaneously by multiple graders.  In addition, Gradescope offers the ability to create and adapt rubrics in real-time during grading, and it utilizes AI to assist with categorizing student work to expedite grading.


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