I’m sorry for shaking my iced cap so loudly

Bonjour my dear friends,

This is an update from the deepest nook in the basement of a small shelter I could now refer to as home. I just got a death stare for shaking my iced cap because apparently it’s illegal to want it to be a smooth Iced Cappuccino rather than coffee on the bottom, ice on the top.

We are currently a few days into the period of time that some refer to as “war”, some as “mental and physical torture”, and some as “prolonged death”- yes my dear friends it is finals at UBC. The time for students from all around campus to unite and cram in order to make up for hours spent on Netflix instead of studying.

My friends, this time of year is intense. That’s all I have to say about it, intense. I’m currently in the most intense place of them all: the basement of Koerner library. Many of you might be thinking “thank God sista keep studying cause that was the most ratchet spelling of “corner” I’ve ever seen” and I’m happy- no, ecstatic- to state that I do know how to spell corner and i’m not a Kardashian sister  obsessed with the letter K: the name of the library I’m currently residing in is Koerner.

Although I like to pretend that finals are the bane of my existence- they’re not really. Let me share with you a piece of advice my iced cap-mixing hating friend probably did not receive as a child: finals aren’t the end of the world. I understand that it’s stressful, I understand that it’s hard but you need to understand that you can do this. Take a few breaths, recall some hardships that you’ve been through and excelled and remind yourself that it’s just a few days. Lets do this 🙂

Speaking of studying, i’m currently just avoiding it because I just had an exam and I feel like I should get a small break cause my brain can’t take in more information right now. How do you guys do that by the way? For all those university students as well as high schoolers out there- does anyone have any good tips on “mental palate cleansers” (yes i just made that up don’t judge) Or do you take the day off? Comment and share your tips!

Stay strong everyone!


High grades = intelligence?

I just received my first midterm grade back and along with that I also received a minor heart attack. I got a low grade. I’m not talking “OMG I hate my life I ONLYYY got 99.5% ughhhhh” low,  I’m talking low. Like lower than kicking someone thats already on the ground. It was low. Continue reading

I want to make a change

As probably 99.9% of you have noticed, the AMS elections are going on right as we speak! I personally was not too involved in the politics at UBC, but given the arrival of the election, I decided to get a little more involved, to make sure I’ve used my opportunity to affect the things I want changed. Since I did that I realized how just one vote for me could affect the future of the UBC bus pass.

Therefore I would like to ask everyone to VOTE, seriously it takes approx 2 minutes of the 1440 minutes in a day, making it 0.1% of a days time to change the future of UBC. I t probably took me more time to calculate that than it took me to vote. (Yeah, whatever, I’m not in maths.)

I usually keep my political opinions to myself, but this year a good friend of mine who just so happens to be the best RA on this planet is running for senate so I cant let this one slip. Let me introduce  Nina Karimi:

  • Been an RA for 2 years so you know she knows whats up with UBC
  • Wants to improve the feedback system so that everyone can make their voice heard, not only during election times.
  • Is particularly interested with big issues such as the exam databases and exam schedule release
  • Always has weirdly delicious vegan snacks.
  • Is genuinely the most approachable person on this planet. You could go to Nina at 4am on a tuesday before her final and she’d be happy to sit and chat with you about what you’d like to change about UBC.
  • Let me rephrase; You could go to Nina at 4am on a tuesday before her final and she’d be happy to talk to you about anything. She’s that kind of person.

And that is a person I would want to see in the AMS senate. A person I know would value my thoughts and concerns, and a person that would fight for them, too. Also she loves cats, so if that’s not a plus I don’t know what is.

So, put your politic hats and now and go vote! Voting closes in a few hours!


The Student Leadership Conference 2013

Over the past few weeks I’ve tried to find the right mind set to present the epicness of that one Saturday in January 2013, but somehow my words haven’t done it any justice. I’ve been avoiding to read what my fellow blogsquaders wrote just so I could give my own honest opinion. But how? I thought I’d summarize what all the best speeches were, but I wouldn’t do it any justice either and so, finally, I thought I’d write a song about SLC 2013. But then I remembered I can sing. But here’s what I can do, I can make lists.

My top 3 moments of the SLC 2013

  • The opening act by one of the most positive people I have ever seen: Luca Lazylegs Patuelli. I can honestly say my smile has not been much bigger than when I heard that man tell his motivating life story.
  • Nolan Wards humbling story about how he went from being an under average student to becoming one of Vancouver’s top 30 under 30. The key? Confidence in what you do, and staying in touch with reality.  I was immensely inspired.
  • One of my workshops about positive mental health that was held by 3 RA’s. It was really average and chill, but it opened up a discussion of being sad, depressed and feeling alone. We’ve all been there, and we all do go there every once in a while, but how can we leave that sadness when it wont leave us? By knowing you’re never really alone and that there is help to get.


That, my friends, was a smaaallll fraction of what SLC was, and I was truly excited to be a part of it. Never has getting up at 7am felt so good.

“What is a weekend at UBC like?”

It’s mighty fine. Before getting into details, I would like to acknowledge that there is 1 main reason for the high quality of my weekend:

  1. I stopped acting like a blind mouse only doing things I’ve done before.

Friday Last day of classes. Relieved, I went to The UBC Blog Squad social. How was it? Well, Imagine how some people come off on their blogs x 10: it’s bound to be a good time. Some of us (special shout-out to Nirel, Chanel and Kim) stayed to the wee hours of the party (aka 6.15pm) and participated in another Christmas party going on and decorated cookies and listened to Christmas music and jumped of joy. Okay, I may have been the only one jumping. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND CHRISTMAS SWEETS AND CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING. Big thanks to Sherry, AJ and Houston for setting it all up!

After the festivities I ran to the War Memorial Gym and watched the UBC Thunderbird ladies including my roomie KILL IT on court. Our women’s basketball team is crazy good and has a winning streak of 3 games so I strongly advise everyone to check out a game! The next home game is Jan 18th at 6pm and it’s gonna be insane in the membrane. #GoThunderbirds  #Sundberg #BlueCrew

Later that day, after getting over the confusion of what a Semi-formal is (how formal can you actually be?), I did some pre Semi-formal shopping and some Breaking Dawn watching with my ladies. In order to not spoil too much I’ll just say that it was really good and surprising… and I guess the movie was good too. Worth mentioning is that Taylor Lautner was only topless twice, but whatever It’s not like I was counting or anything.

Saturday We had our Totem Semi- Formal dinner and dance which is when everyone in Totem gets dressed up and parties it up. It was a very fun night, but I think I had more fun pre and post the dance than during the actual dance but in all it was a good time. Met some very peculiar people and had some deep life talks. Regular Saturday so to speak.

Sunday Sock wars escalated to the maximum. Now only one person on my floor is alive.  #TeamBrandon

Every single second Friday- Sunday

Okay now I have to study.


A Moment of Truth

I remember the first time I tried it. One of my friends said it was really casual and “no big deal”. 10 years later I’m still hooked. I don’t know whether it’s the loss of touch with reality thats appealing to me, or maybe just the fact that it calms me down like nothing before, all I know is I can’t stop. I’ve had family interventions and I’ve tried to stay away from it but I just can’t. I never really wanted to either, I always thought I had control.  But now, when it’s having a negative effect on my education, when I miss classes simply to soothe my addiction, I know it’s gone too far. There is no controlling this.

 It’s not going to be easy. I will most likely be in a bad mood because of it, and I hear some people even start to shake due to it or what not. But I don’t care.
Today is the day I take on the challenge that will hopefully make me a healthier, happier and stronger person in the long run.
Today is the day I will stop taking naps.
If any of you feel the same just know you’re not alone. We’re stronger than this and we will get through this sleeping addiction. Together.

How Many Uses Can You Think of For a Paper Clip?

In an attempt to not write about stress and finals here comes an interesting video we watched in my Sociology 101 class a few weeks back. It’s an eyeopener. What do you guys think about the ideas presented?

Svensk Musik

It’s Thursday guys. We all know that that means right? 🙂

Ava has an essay and 2 midterms a week from today.

Don’t worry about it though, It’s all good. I’m keeping my mood up with some positive thoughts and some epic Swedish music. Allow me to enlighten you:


Sadly I can’t translate all the lyrics but I can teach you a few Swedish words:
Hello: Hej.
How are you?: Hur mår du? (pronounced: huur mor du)
I have to run now becuase my friends are waiting for me in the caf: Jag måste springa nu för mina vänner väntar på mig i kafeterian.

Brings back so many good memories. Also, I’ve decided to mainly make a new post every monday afternoon (that is tuesday morning for all you Swedes) Write you then!

The Pursuit of Happiness

Sometimes life hands us lemons. And that’s cool, because lemons make my tongue go all weird and it makes me giggle. But sometimes life throws us lemons, oranges and even melons at full speed and if your coordination skills are anything like mine you can’t do anything really. You just stand there in excruciating pain.

These fruits come in different forms. Midterms, homesickness, papers and quizzes to name a few. Some of us have boy/girl/hermaphrodite problems. Some of us are really indecisive of what to do in the future. Some of us just lost our dog today. And then there’s a fair bunch of us that just feel so alone.

Heres what I’ve found on my pursuit of happiness: pain is what we allow it to be. As hard as it may be, in times where you feel like everything sucks- just jump right back up on the crazy horse called life and control it and your emotions. Because, at the end of the day, how you feel towards everything that happens is 100% your attitude.

You’re alive aren’t you?  You’ve survived this far, so you will survive again. Pick those lemons, melons and oranges up from the ground, dust yourself off and make a kick ass fruit salad. Life is just a bunch of events and you’re the only one capable of putting meaning to them. It’ll get better if you see it as an opportunity to make it better.


The UBC Hungergames

There comes a point in life when something happens and you know its going to be the death of you. You just know. That happened today.


What is sock wars?
You get the name of someone in your building and that will be who you shall assassinate through screaming their name whilst smacking them with a sock in public. Prizes are awarded for the last creature standing and also for the person with most kills. You can carry a safety item around to not get killed and this item varies each week. “Oh that sounds like fun” Said noone ever. It’s a war zone.

For my house, QXLN, It’s the Hunger Games. We got the floor one people acting like they’ve been prepping for this their whole lives. They are making alliances, plotting up how they’re gonna find their victims and creeping on other peoples floors. If they’re not the Sock War careers I don’t know who is. With each floor that we go up, and each district getting further and further away from Panem, you can tell there is no way the odds are going to be in your favour.

This leads us to my floor. I’m not gonna name it, so lets just look at what the Hunger Games wiki said about the tributes from my district: “Unnamed tributes: 74th Hunger Games, died on the first day (bloodbath)”  Bloodbath? Unnamed? Sounds promising.

Therefore, I’m scared. I do not like feet, nor do I like socks and I even less like death. I have been hearing people call my name and I’ve even been smelling feet all over campus. Honestly I am terrified. How will this all end?

Maybe, just maybe, I will be the Mockingjay of my house. I shall keep you posted on how this madness plays out.