Starbucks in China- meeting for parents!

Exploring new market in a totally different culture can be challenging. One of the challenges for Starbucks is how can it always hires the most appropriate employees who are enthusiastic and responsible.

In China,In order to hire more compatible employees, Starbucks held meetings for parents of many targeted employees, telling them Starbucks would grow and develop with their kids. Starbucks knew that in China, because of the one-child policy, parents are willing to help their kid succeed at any expense.

Now, many young employees are living with their parents, which may strongly influence employee’s attitudes toward job. For example, if parents believe their kids can develop better in Starbucks, their kids are more likely to work harder in order to get promotions fulfilling their parents’ expectation.

In China, winning the mind of parents can improve employees happiness to a certain extant.