Best Practices in Teaching

At our recent workshop in April, our TAs came up with what they envisioned as their top Best Practices in teaching. And some of them agreed with what’s in literature!

  • Showing you care      
  • Enthusiasm/humour (if natural)
  • Creating an approachable learning environment so that students talk to each other and the TA (encourage group work)
  • Creating inclusive space (addressing learning styles and diversity)
  • Preparation before class (know what students are learning in lecture)
  • Reflection about teaching
  • Clear expectations (transparent and flexible)
  • Feedback to students (consistency is important)
  • Helping with process of learning (modeling, asking questions)
  • Being aware of/using resources to aid students and yourself
  • Time management, both yours and class (meeting with supervisor to discuss)
  • Pre and post assessments of students
  • Providing context for learning (life examples/your research)
  • Making down time productive

What are some of your Best Practices in teaching?

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