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Living Lab Workshop


Free lunch + Interactive Theatre!

As a TA have you come across challenging situations that you were not sure how to handle? Have you had heated moments with students that you wish you
could re-play? Are you looking to get outside of your research and
participate in something that will express your creative juices?! Join us
for a Living Lab interactive theatre event held on August 15th from 1-3pm at
the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology inside the IK Barber Centre
(1961 East Mall). Please RSVP by August 7th using this link.

What is Living Lab?

Living Lab is run by the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT)
at UBC to address those challenges and to engage the UBC teaching and
learning community in conversations about how to make our classroom
experiences more inclusive, respectful, and meaningful. Living Lab performs
short interactive theatre sketches about heated classroom moments in diverse
classroom. The sketches are developed and performed by Living Lab Troupe
consisting of diverse UBC students. The forum theatre format, adopted from
the Theatre of the Oppressed by Brazilian Director Augusto Boal, is one of
the unique aspects of Living Lab. A typical Living Lab performance goes like
this: Following a short introduction and the first performance of a sketch,
the same sketch is performed again to allow the audience to interrupt and
intervene a troubling moment and act out new strategies. The session is
closed with discussion and debriefing.

Who should go to the Living Lab Event on August 15th?
All Laboratory TAs!! The sketch that will be performed on Aug. 15th is set
in a first-year Chemistry Laboratory. Lunch will be provided by Calhouns

CTLT Graduate Student Workshops

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology  have just announced their 2012-2013 workshop offerings for the Instructional Skills Workshop and Presentation Skills Workshop.

CTLT offers various professional development workshops for graduate students that focus on teaching, presenting, amongst others.

The Instructional Skills Workshop is an internationally recognized program and students receive transcript notification for participating. It is a 3-day intensive workshop that develops participants teaching skills and confidence. It is appropriate for first time teachers or those with years of experience. Join the thousands of students who have taken this workshop. To see 2012-2013 dates, or to register for the July ISW, please go to:

The Presentation Skills Workshop is a 2-day workshop that focuses on presenting and presentation-related skills. This workshop is great if you have an upcoming conference talk, defense, or even job interview. This workshop is always in high demand. To see the 2012-2013 dates, or to register for the July PSW, please go to:

CTLT also offer many other workshops throughout the year.  Please check out their website frequently for updates.