What is Cafe Scientifique? Cafe Scientifique is a forum for the discussion of important and interesting scientific issues. They are informal and accessible – much more so than a public lecture.

Who else will be there? Audiences consist of people who are interested in science but generally never have the opportunity to discuss their views with, and ask questions of, someone “in the know”. No scientific knowledge is assumed by the speakers, so anyone can participate.

What happens at a Cafe Scientifique? Cafes start with a short talk from the speaker, who is usually a scientist or a writer on science to introduce the topic. Questions are usually encouraged throughout, and following the talk there will be a significant amount of additional time allotted for more questions, comments, and general discussion. Anyone can ask a question, and we positively welcome those which begin “This might be a stupid question, but …” These questions are invariably not stupid and often rather insightful.

Where and When? We will now be hosting the Vancouver Café the last Tuesday of most months in the back room at Yagger’s Downtown (433 W Pender), at 7:30PM.

What subjects will be discussed? Cafes covers a wide range of issues relating to science and technology. Topics covered have included AIDS, the Big Bang, biodiversity, cancer biology, code-breaking, consciousness, Darwinism, ecology, evolution, extreme life, fetal experience, genetically modified organisms, global warming, infertility, nanotechnology, sports science, superconductors, science journalism, biobanking, and more. If you want to find out more about a particular topic, let us know!

Do I need to buy a ticket? Cafes are free and you can just turn up on the night of the event. However, in some venues we may have a limited seating area, which is first come first served. Once or twice a year we may endeavor to hold an extended or special café, which needs a larger venue. A donation jar may be passed for such an event, but it is completely optional.

Does Cafe Scientifique make a profit? Cafe Scientifique does not make a profit from events or pay fees to speakers. We encourage you to patronize the café or pub in appreciation for the use of their space.

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