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Using nano-particles to protect teeth against bacterial damage.

Teeth are a very important part of our bodies. They play a significant role in the primary breakdown of food. But if not properly treated several complications can arise and cause deterioration or severe damage to our teeth. To protect our teeth from damage it is recommended to brush our teeth twice a day and floss on a regular basis. But sometimes despite taking precautions problems can arise, and dental problems often begin with plaque forming on the surface of teeth.  Biofilm formation also known as dental plaque has been identified to be the cause of many dental diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities etc.

As a solution to protecting our teeth against damage scientists have discovered that coating the teeth with a layer of silver nano-particles, prevents biofilm formation on dentine surface as well as inhibits bacterial growth in the surrounding media.

Several different metal nano particles were compared in this study and various experiments were conducted to find the best metal nano particles. The results of the experiments suggested that silver nano particles are the most effective against pathogens as the silver coatings are found to be most susceptible to bacterial adhesion on the dentin surface.

YouTube Preview Image

Video Showing Nano particles in action

Furthermore it was discovered that silver nano-particle coatings do not affect the color of the dentine, unlike other metal coatings, which cause the dentine to appear discolored. Silver nano-coatings are also found to maintain their integrity (shape and chemical makeup) over time. Preventing the need for frequent re-coatings over a short period of time.

Dentin in teeth has several openings of dentinal tubules on its surface.  These openings are what that allows for dental plaque to form easily and bacteria can stick/adhere to the surface easily. Coating the dentin surface with silver nano particles fills these dentinal tubules,  which in turn prevents plaque formation.

Dentin Surface after the coating has been applied.

Thus the silver nano particle coating is the best way to protect our teeth. Not only is it safe, but it also does not cause implications such as changes in teeth color and nor does the coating have to be frequently reapplied. Lastly, to ensure that our teeth last us a lifetime it would be great to invest in such a procedure.


Besinis A, De Peralta T, Handy RD. Inhibition of biofilm formation and antibacterial properties of a silver nano-coating on human dentine. Nanotoxicology. 2014, 8, 745-754.

By : Nitish Khosla