Early Childhood Intervention: Module Two – Special Needs & Conditions

Category — 2.7 Children who are Chronically Ill

Children Who are Chronically Ill

With the medical technology we have today, many diseases and disorders1 can be overcome with medicine, rest, and time. However, some illnesses won’t go away in the near future, if ever. It is estimated that up to 31% of children suffer with an illness or disability that is “prolonged” and “interferes with daily functioning,” that is, a chronic illness.

Parenting a child who is chronically ill can be very stressful for a family.  The family needs to deal with many medical appointments and financial costs are very high. The stress on family relationships may sometimes be too much. Each child and family is unique in how they deal with these stressors.

Some children may require ongoing special family and school support, as there are many ways for families to support their child with chronic illness. At the same time, different resources exist to help families raising a child with a chronic illness.

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