No longer know…Healthy boundaries

For my Community Filed Experience I went to Mount Roskill Grammar School in Auckland, New Zealand.  I volunteered in the Social Studies deparment, where, I was able to oserve, assist and teach Social Studies, History and Classical Studies classes.

I no longer know what the correct balance of work and home life is.  My mother is a teacher, who is always working.  She brings marking to dinner parties, comes to school on Saturdays, and stays up late marking.  Her dedication is an inspiration for me, however, when I was at Mount Roskill I found that this kind of bahaviour was frowned upon.  Teachers at Mount Roskill strongly believe in healthy boundaries between school and home.  They often leave right after the last class that they teach.  They also look forward to and enjoy their morning and lunch breaks.  At those times they convene in the Social Studies staff room, where they share treats and socialize.

I found that over the three weeks that I was there I became more relaxed.  However, returning here, the nagging feeling of guilt and drive to be dedicated and self sacrificing have returned.

Not knowing allows me to find my own balance by learning what works for me.

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