What I No Longer Know

My CFE placement was in Freiburg, Germany, where I was teaching English at a public school from Grades 6-12. Activities I conducted involved grammar/vocabulary work, leading discussions/presentations on Canada and how it compares to Germany, lessons on psychological conditioning, and the American Dream and Civil Rights Movement.

Something I no longer know as a result of my community field experience is which subject area I would enjoy teaching/be most engaged in teaching. Although I very much enjoyed my science/biology teaching load during my extended practicum, I was able to explore other interests and subject areas during my CFE. Through teaching the English classes, I was able to not only dabble in topics around psychology and biology, which is where my background lies, but also contemporary topics regarding current events involving race relations in the US and how they relate to the civil rights movement.

This not knowing is important to my teaching as it is encouraging to know that I have interest in teaching multiple subject areas, and it inspires me to incorporate multiple disciplines into every lesson that I can, instead of getting stuck into a rut of one-dimensional lessons in order to get through the depth of content, something I became increasingly accustomed to near the end of my practicum when the teaching load and time constraints were the greatest.

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