Non-academic Career Resources for Education Graduate Students

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If you (like us), are are contemplating careers beyond academia, you arrived at the right place. We will continue to compile relevant resources here.

This is a link for the audio recording and slides for the session we organized in March 2019 Career Directions for Education Graduate Students” facilitated by Danielle Barkley, Graduate Educator with the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers (CSIC)

We highly recommend that you start by checking the following:

  • From PhD to life  (This website contains an immensely comprehensive list of relevant resources).
  • Imagine PhD helps you explore different job families such as Advocacy, training, K-12 Education, Higher Education Administration, etc.  For each job family it provides “a description of the types of careers and job titles associated with it, as well as resources for career exploration, building job skills, networking, and applying.”
  • Career Resources for graduate students at UBC (Contains a relevant list of resources for careers inside and outside academia.)
  • M.P. Fedunkiw, A Degree in Futility (Friesen Press, 2014) (If you are feeling down check out this story about a group of three friends navigating life, love, and work in and out of academia. We found it quite relevant and engaging).
  • Broader Career Pathways for PhD Students section contains a relevant list of resources on the Public Scholars Initiative Website.

Resources Shared by Danielle Barkley


All the best in your career exploration journey!