Reps for 2019/2020

EDST Student Reps:

Graduate Student Society (GSS) Council: Logan Lorenz (MA, continuing until December graduation), Jonathan Turcotte-Summers (PhD), and Zhenyang Xu (MEd, starting in January).
PhD Committee: Yeonjoo Kim & Sonia Medel (continuing)
Graduate Program Advisory & Curriculum Committee (GPACC) Committee: Naila Ismayilova (MEd)
EDST department meetings representatives: Tierney Wisniewski (PhD program), Lucas Zhang (MEd, SCPE), Danial Jordan (MA, ALE, continuing until December graduation), Abraham Tetteh Addy (M.Ed, Higher Ed), Neha Gupta (MA, ALE, starting in January).
Scholarships Committee: Juanita González, (MEd program, SCPE)
MA committee: Haruho Kubota (MA)
Adult Learning Education program meeting: Hyunok Ryu (PhD)

GAA Student Reps:

Lena Ignatovich is a member of the Graduate Curriculum Advisory Committee (GCAC).
Maria Angelica is a member of the Graduate Programs Advisory and Curriculum Committee (GPACC).
Alison St. Pierre is a member of the Head’s Advisory Committee (HAC).
Mary Kostandy is a member of the EDST department meeting.