Research Day 2018

Research Day 2018 was held on April 6 at Ponderosa Commons-Oak House. Like previous years, it was a resounding success thanks for the participation of students and faculty members from EDST and other departments. The organising committee would like to thank Dr. Linc Kesler for delivering the keynote on “Reconciliation, or Relationship?”. Dr. Kesler’s inspiring message was also a timely one, as Canada just celebrated its 150th anniversary the year before.

We are also indebted to Dr. Micheal Marker for acknowledging the indigenous land that we were on, and all the students and faculty members who had presented and participated in this year’s event. Research Day is an initiative that is organised by students for students, and the event could not have taken off without your collective support!


2018 Poster
Call for Proposals


Reconciliation, or Relationship?
Dr. Linc Kesler
Director, First Nations House of Learning
Associate Professor, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, UBC

“When people speak of “reconciliation,” they often think of an end, a kind of mythical state in which history will be left behind and all harm and blame removed. In doing so, they may miss the daily opportunities, and perhaps the responsibility, to act.” Dr. Linc Kesler


Registration and Morning Mingle 10:15am – 11:00am
Ballroom (Level 1), Ponderosa Commons-Oak House
Everyone is invited to register outside the ballroom at Ponderosa Commons-Oak House from 10:15am, and catch up over light snacks and refreshments. If you are a presenter, please be sure to pick up your name tag!
Acknowledging the Land 11:00am – 11:15am
Dr. Michael Marker, Department of Educational Studies
Ballroom (Level 1), Ponderosa Commons-Oak House
Welcome address 11:15am – 11:30am
Dr. Ali Abdi, Department of Educational Studies
Ballroom (Level 1), Ponderosa Commons-Oak House
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Reconciliation, or Relationship? 11:30am – 12:30pm
Dr. Linc Kesler, First Nations and Indigenous Studies
Ballroom (Level 1), Ponderosa Commons-Oak House
Please click here for more information about this year’s keynote address and our honourary speaker, Dr. Linc Kesler.
Lunch and refreshments 12:30pm – 1:00pm
Ballroom (Level 1), Ponderosa Commons-Oak House
All food and refreshments are courtesy of the Department of Educational Studies. Catering is provided by UBC Scholar’s.
Concurrent Sessions 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Various locations, Ponderosa Commons-Oak House
Please come and support the excellent research your peers are presenting! For session times and locations, please see the schedule below.
It’s time to social! 5:15pm onwards
Koerner’s Pub
Join us at Koerner’s Pub for drinks and snacks, and to celebrate the conclusion of another EDST Research Day!

Session Schedule

Please click here for presentation abstracts

1:00pm – 2:15pm
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Social co-creation and remedy
PCOH1001 (Level 1) • Multi-paper Session
Chair: Dr. Michelle Stack

Mapping a story of colonial divisions: Public mass gun violence in the US and the co-creation of the gunman/gunboy
Stephanie Glick • Paper Presentation

Beyond the dusky maiden: Pacific women’s experiences working in higher education
Sereana Naepi • Paper Presentation

Meaning and mythology: (Re)defining the word Latina/o in the Canadian context
Leticia Pamela Garcia • Short Presentation

The Higher Education Research Group Ignites!
PCOH1302 (Level 1) • Panel Discussion
Chair: Dr. Amy Metcalfe

“Researching” silence in educational research: A (Modest) Proposal
Ashenafi Alemu • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

Being precarious: An autoethnographic account of one precarious faculty member’s experience working in four BC higher education institutions
Lisa Allen • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

University education as ghost town: The decline of higher education in the Boundary and West Kootenay regions of British Columbia
Jed Anderson • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

The interplay of social media use, academic adjustment, and self-regulation
Takara A. Bond (ECPS) • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

International student compliance reporting: Higher educational institutions as the eyes of the state?
Lisa Brunner • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

Graduate students and parenthood: Formulating an institutional response
Bernard Chan • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

François Lachapelle (Sociology) • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

Making sense of the indigenization of student affairs at a Canadian higher education institution
Logan Lorenz • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

Academic capitalism and faculty service to the institution
Lindsey Kovacevic • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

A ‘wicked problem’ & ‘wise intervention’ in higher education: Storying teaching & learning scholarship in the first year experience
Kari Marken (EDCP) • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

Emerging forms of internationalization: Pathway colleges
Dale McCartney • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

What do we mean by research impact?
Dr. Jude Walker • Ignite! Series of Short Presentations

Adults’ beliefs, perspectives, reflections and
their transformations
PCOH1306A (Level 1) • Multi-paper Session
Chair: Dr. Jason Ellis

Educational administrators’ perspectives of democracy and citizenship
Education in Albertan public schools: Interviews with educational leaders

Jordan Long • Paper Presentation

What triggers reflection? Redesigning residential addiction programs as centres for transformative learning
Daniel Jordan • Short Presentation

The Chinese graduate students in Vancouver: A transformative learning view
Licheng Jian • Poster Presentation

Configuration conundrum: Teachers’ beliefs about middle level grade span configuration and student achievement
Jennifer Torry • Poster Presentation

Education for Sustainability:
Current research, reaching, learning and practices
PCOH2012 (Level 2) • Scholar’s Cafe
Chair: Allison Earl

Scott Finestone, Jennifer Fischer, Heidi Lessman, Tamara Litke, and Michael Wolfe

2:30pm – 3:45pm
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Inquiries in Theory and Methodology
PCOH1001 (Level 1) • Multi-paper Session
Chair: Dr. Mona Gleason

Method and education: Some reflections on Descartes and Rocha
Mateus Lorenço Hernandez • Paper Presentation

Proposal for research: “Peace polysemy: Conceptual mapping of the concept of peace in Colombia & Latin America”
Maria Angélica Guerrero-Quintana • Short Presentation

Disembodied youth and the disciplining of the body: A discourse analysis of primary public school dress codes
Mariah Franzmann • Poster Presentation

Beyond narrative inquiry: Using narratology in qualitative educational research
Dr. Sam Rocha & Ashenafi Alemu • Paper Presentation

Experiences in Higher Education
PCOH1302 (Level 1) • Multi-paper Session
Chair: Dr. Deirdre Kelly

Extending traditional university mission to supplementary adult education: The case of the Russian North-Western Federal District
Lena Ignatovich • Paper Presentation

The native speaker fallacy: Hegemony, subjectivity and performance in English teaching in Turkey
Ebru Ozturk • Short Presentation

Indigenization and student affairs in Canadian higher education: A research proposal on making sense of Indigenous strategic plans
Logan Lorenz • Poster Presentation

Migrations, transformations and getting to home: A theoretical and personal reflection
Rabia Mir • Paper Presentation

The Intertwined nature of Education and Immigration Research: Policy, Practice and Possibility
PCOH1306A (Level 1) • Panel Discussion
Chair: Rachel GooSsen

Bahar Khazei and Lisa Brunner

The Role of Activist Art and ALE in the Environmental and Climate Justice Movements: A Wide-ranging Dialogue on Socially Engaged Art, Environmental Humanities, Critical Public Pedagogy, Tactical Urbanism, Cultural Codes, Conscientization and Collective Identity
PCOH2012 (Level 2) • Panel Discussion

Co-facilitators: Allison Earl, Jenalee Kluttz, Andrew Phillips and Dr. Pierre Walter

4:00pm – 5:00pm
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Author meets critics: Tell the Something Beautiful: Essays and Ephemera by Sam Rocha
PCOH1001 (Level 1) • Book Session

Dr. Sam Rocha, Addyson Fraturra, Ashenafi Alemu, and Mateus Hernandez

Muslim Literacy
PCOH1302 (Level 1) • Film Session

Rabia Mir

Future Directions for Work and Learning in Canada
PCOH1306A (Level 1) • Video Conference Panel
Chair: Dr. Alison Taylor

Airra Custodio, Saadia Esat

PCOH2012 (Level 2) • Scholar’s Cafe

Co-facilitators: Dr. Vanessa Andreotti and Carrie Rowlandson