Student Representatives

Student Representatives for 2020/2021

A huge thank you to all of our student reps, who are representing student voices on various EDST committees.

  • Graduate Student Society (GSS) Council: Julia Burnham (MA).
  • PhD Committee: Yeonjoo Kim (PhD)
  • Graduate Program Advisory & Curriculum Committee (GPACC) Committee:  Deanna Bracewell (MEd)
  • EDST department meetings representatives: Tierney Wisniewski (PhD program), Olivia Hauck (MEd, SCPE), Keru Chen (MEd, HIED), Denneisha Griffin-Pinnock (MA, EDST), Catalina Bobadilla Sandoval (MA, EDST), Julia Burnham (MA, HIED)
  • Scholarships Committee: Deanna Bracewell (MEd)
  • MA Committee: Rosemarie Desmarais (MA)
  • ALE Program Committee: Neha Gupta (MA, ALE)
  • HIED Program Committee: Lisa Dam (MEd, HIED) (through April 2021)

GAA Student Representatives

  • Vanessa Lawrence is a member of the Graduate Curriculum Advisory Committee (GCAC), the Graduate Programs Advisory and Curriculum Committee (GPACC), and the Head’s Advisory Committee (HAC).
  • Yotam Ronen is a member of the EDST department meeting.