Reps for 2018/2019

Student Representatives for 2018/2019:
  • Logan Lorenz is the GSS MA student Rep..
  • Jonathan Turcotte-Summers is our  Ph.D. student Rep in the department meeting.
  • Daniel Jordan is our MA rep on behalf of ALE in the department meeting.
  • Ebru Öztürk and Mateus Hernandez are both MA reps on behalf of SCPE in the department meeting (Mateus will serve in Term I and Ebru in Term II).
  • Yeonjoo Kim and Sonia Medel are members of the Ph.D. committee.
GAA student reps: 
  • Mary is a member of the department meeting.
  • Lena is on the Head’s advisory committee.
  • Maria is a member of GPACC
  • Neila is a member of GPACC & GCAC.
Student Spaces
  • In EDST department meetings: 7 spaces are available for student representatives (PhD, EdD, MA, and MEd) according to the terms of reference. These representatives may be self-nominated on behalf of their programmes.
  • In the Graduate Student Society Council (GSS). 2 voting spaces are available, one for a MA student, and one for a PhD student. The GSS Council meets on the third Thursday of each month at 5:00pm.
  • In the Graduate Programs Advisory and Curriculum Committee (GPACC) meeting with Dr. Alison Taylor and the programme coordinators.  One space is available for a Ph.D student. The Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 10:00am to 12:00pm.