My evaluations for the most recent offering of ETEC565A are out. Overall I’m pleased the course–and my efforts–have been well received. I work very hard to align the principles I espouse as an instructional designer with my own teaching practice.

Here are a few favourite quotes though–reflections of the course as much as my teaching to my mind:

I have taken 6 previous MET course online and this was simply the best yet. The applied nature of the course was exactly what I needed at this stage of the program (although I regret not taking it earlier). Frankly, I feel this course should be a core requirement for the MET program. What makes this course so good is the instructor. John Egan exemplifies excellence in online course delivery perfecting the balance between guidance and discovery. His presence was tangible and his wit contagious. Clone him please.
This was the best online course I have ever taken. There was a strong instructor presence which helped facilitate a strong learning community. Awesome course!
In my opinion Prof Egan modeled exemplary online teaching methods. I learned as much from that as I did from the course itself (which is saying a lot!)


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