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EA 2010-2011: What a ride!

Wow! it’s been a long and interesting ride this academic year with EA! The crowning events? The busting stereotypes poster campaign and video. But if you don’t mind Let’s talk about the video, because that’s what I have been actively involved with 🙂 Wow! … Continue reading

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So Funny, so True, so Sad.

Where is the fine line between prejudice and racism? It is called “racism.”  In a way it is, since it often targets a certain group of people. However, I doubt that most people checking their pockets, or tightening the grips … Continue reading

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Social justice & the blaze that killed 3 in December.

Remember the deaths of three people in a low cost rooming house in Van East?–deadly-blaze-raises-questions As justly pointed out in this article, the sad occurring raises important questions about social justice. Come on! Canada is one of the richest nations in … Continue reading

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