How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native Americans
Related Videos of Stereotyping Indigenous People

This website is a great resource for Module 2’s theme of Stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples. It has great videos about many different aspects of Indigenous peoples and their cultures including many of the different stereotypes that Hollywood has presented and supported of Indigenous peoples. The Youtube video is embedded on the page and links to similar films with similar themes are listed below with a description of the video and the video on the left. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This site will be an excellent resource for my research on Elders and Technology as the Hollywood representation of Indigenous peoples can’t be ignored.


The video How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native Americans includes interviews of Indigenous people (some actors) and their thoughts on Hollywood’s representation of their culture and people. They indicated that growing up with these images on film of their people, they never saw their own image in their reality, instead, they saw the fantasized Hollywood version of how their lives and cultures were and should be. It discusses the ‘white audience’ and how they have influenced the content of Native American films. The portrayal fo the white-man was unrealistically positive, always coming out ahead and better than his Indian foe. They confuse the Native American and Euro-American phenomenon and try to perpetuate the image of the savage Native American and white, Western mainstream Again, this correlates well with Module 2’s Prins (2002) reading and his description of the duality of the “paradox of primitivism”. I love the final quote in the film from a Native American: “A Nation that does not know its history has no future!” That’s a very powerful statement and one Western mainstream should acknowledge.

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