Representation & Media (Stuart Hall)

In his lecture, Representation & the Media, distinguished media theorist Stuart Hall introduces how to analyse the process of representation in media, with interesting examples. Originally released in 1997 by Media Education Foundation, a proactive organization for critical media pedagogy, Hall’s lecture explores how and why representation is more than the reflection of meanings and reality. In the lecture, our common sense of representation as reflection is challenged by a new view to understand representation as constitutive of reality, as Hall notes that representation is not simply distortion or accurate reflection of reality and meanings that exits out there.  

This talk offers a critical approach to representation of marginalized people and therefore can be effectively applied to the case of indigenous people in the media. The linked video clip is only the first bit of the lecture. Other parts of the lectures may be found here and there. The full script of the lecture is available, as well.

Ky (#3: Module 2)

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