Aboriginal Multi-Media Society

The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA) website (http://www.ammsa.com) is a portal for aboriginal communications groups which aspire to use a range of media. The purpose of this aboriginal society is to assist other aboriginal groups in devising ways to communicate through a variety of media. The society is dedicated to serving the needs of Aboriginal peoples within Canada. One of the goals of AMMSA is to provide support and training for Aboriginal groups who are eager to establish communication facilities. The AMMSA website states that it is dedicated to facilitating the exchange of Aboriginal cultural information and provides news, information and entertainment relevant to the lives of Aboriginal peoples across the nation. It is interesting to note that in 1990, AMMSA (formally known as the Windspeaker) was only 1 of 2 Aboriginal publications which survived federal government spending cuts. Today, AMMSA has embraced web technology to provide Aboriginals with news, entertainment and other various services.


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