How Aboriginals are using Social Media Sites to Bridge Distances

I came across an article on the Tyee website (an independent daily online magazine catering to British Columbians) which outlined how Aboriginal people of different generations are using social media tools (Facebook to be exact) as a new means to interact and share info with one another. In particular, Facebook’s use is becoming so widespread among Native communities that it is becoming a political tool which is connecting the people and helping to raise awareness on important issues. In the article, Don Bain, the executive director of the union of BC Indian Chiefs shares an example of how a simple Tweet was able to help support Native Polynesian that were being evicted by riot police. Mr. Bain goes on to explain that what makes social media so attractive to First Nations people is that “it’s unfiltered—people looking for information can get it straight from us, not filtered through industry or the media”.  As well, the article discusses how social media has allowed important issues for First Nations to be heard.

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