MythPerceptions ( Allen Module 2 #5)

Source : MythPerceptions


“Mythperceptions is an initiative of the Indigenous Work Program of Mennonite Central Committee Canada.

The goal of Mythperceptions is to dismantle stereotypes, myths and misconceptions that people from the dominant culture tend to believe about Indigenous peoples living within the borders of what is now North America.  Mythperceptions attempts to change views in a way that is engaging, yet gives opportunities to dig deeply into some of the issues facing Indigenous peoples”.

It is interesting to note that the project is sponsored by the Mennonite Church’s international ministry. Portions of the gallery style site highlight issues related to residential schools. While many placed blame on the original “churches” that operated residential schools, numerous other churches are now providing supports for past injustices.

A separate link provides more information about this ministry including other international efforts.

Mennonite Central Committee

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