DEB (M2-#5): Indegenous Peoples Literature

“A people who have a past, a history, and culture.

A culture with history will never die.

Conquered? Maybe.

Forgotten… Never!”

This website introduces arts, music, and poetry by the Native People. It also introduces literature by/about different indegenous cultures as each indegenous culture is unique in its own way.

What interested me the most about this website is the Stereotypes & Racism section. The section contains an archive of 42 YouTube videos related to racism against indegenous peoples in the historical context. Not only the history of stereotypes and racism occured in North America, it also introduces racism against the Native people in Mexico as well as those in South America.

The following YouTube is one of the video clips from the archive.


“Each indigenous culture is distinct and unique. While many peoples may express similar worldviews and a common indigenous identity, their cultures are nonetheless based on different histories, environments, and creative spirits”.

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