The Impact of FirstVoices on Language Revitalization

While researching for my study I came across a study written by Ellen R. Godfrey, entitled The Impact of First Voices on Language Revitalization in Alert Bay (,  which set out to find out to find the impact of FirstVoices (a web-based tool to help in language archiving and teaching). What intrigued me about this study was how Godfrey discusses her need to reconsider her original premises and rethink her research question. Her original premises were as follows:

  1. There is a conflict between youth and elders.
  2. The source of conflict is loss of culture.
  3. Connecting with language helps address loss of culture.
  4. Connecting with language and culture without a youth-elder link can male conflict worse.

Godfrey’s original research question was, “How does FirstVoices interact with other factors to impact on the relationship between youth and elders in a First Nation community?” Godfrey explains that she soon had to reconsider some of her premises and original research question because “they did not seem to me to accurately reflect the viewpoints of the people I interviewed.” (Godfrey, 2008, pg. 70).  I particularly liked the fact that Godfrey examined the effects of technology on the relationship between elders and youth as it pertains to my own study examining the impact technology is having on elder-youth relations.

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