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Planners Network: The Organization of Progressive Planning may not be a website that comes to mind as a source for information on indigenous issues, but it has a great article on urban indigeneity from an urban planners perspective.   Indigeneity: A Cornerstone of Diversity Planning in Canadian Cities

It discusses some collaborative projects between aboriginal groups and city planners to develop more aboriginal friendly urban communities that will support aboriginal aspirations and self-determination.

The article identifies five priorities:

  1. Citizen Participation and Engagement.
  2. Governance Interface between Municipal Government and Aboriginal Peoples
  3. Aboriginal Culture as a Municipal Asset
  4. Economic and Social Development
  5. Urban Reserves, Service Agreements and Regional Relationships

Priority #3 is interesting.   The author noted that normally urban aboriginals are portrayed in terms of social problems, so the concept of treating their culture as an asset requires a very welcome shift in thinking.

I think this aligns very well with module 4.



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