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Internet use and indigenous women


This research paper written for the National Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research in 2005. It addresses the question of whether or not the internet is a useful tool for indigenous women living in remote areas in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to access health resource. This article discusses the digital divide and how it affects indigenous communities. Based on the statistics presented, there is an apparent digital divide between on-reserve Aboriginal population versus the rest of Canada. There is also a divide between the Canadian population and Northern Aboriginal communities in terms of access to the internet. The article explains how the internet is beneficial to the health of aboriginal women and their families. The author also mentions the challenges of having internet technology implemented into aboriginal communities as there are concerns such as language barriers, cultural bias, and fears of assimilation.

Aboriginal Canada Portal

Aboriginal Canada Portal


The Aboriginal Canada Portal is the Government of Canada’s website to bring all aspects of aboriginal cultures together within a single webpage.  The site provides information that is easy to navigate and understand.  Within the site, you can access information and resources that are targeted to a particular aboriginal audience within Canada.  From Elders to kids, there are multiple links for all ages.  The portal provides information in multiple mediums, from journals and newsletters to multimedia links; the portal provides information to engage the viewer that is easy to navigate and locate.  The website is a resource for individuals interested in learning more about aboriginal cultures and communities not only within Canada but abroad as well.