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Centre for World Indigenous Studies

The Centre for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge and understanding of the worlds indigenous populations and bringing awareness to the social and economic situations of these same peoples.  This organization’s board of directors is made up of indigenous people from all over the world.  They have ongoing research projects in various regions.  They link to websites bringing awareness of traditional indigenous medicines.  They link to periodicals they publish and books for sale regarding indigenous knowledge.  They even offer a Master’s program in with an American online university.  They are dedicated to expanding the understanding of the Fourth World and the social and economic issues they face.  The Fourth World refers to the nations around the world that are not represented by a sovereign state (i.e Aboriginal nations in Canada).  Although this website offers little in the way of external links it is a resource for an extremely interesting but overwhelming cause.  There is so much knowledge that has been lost or is limited it is nice to see an organization dedicated to the expansion of this knowledge.