Google+ Activities

Please go through the following activities pertaining to Google+. This is a great opportunity to experience a new form of social media, or, if you are familiar with Google+, branch out and connect to new people and new communities!

1. Please watch the following tutorial/screencast about using Google+ created by Ryan L.


2. By Friday, if you have not done so already please create or log into your Google+ account and join the ETEC 522 Community. Use the platform to engage in a discussion around the following question:

  • How does Google+’s potential for professional development differ from other forms of social media that you have used?

3. By the end of Week 5, please answer one or more of the following questions:

  • What are your impressions of Google+ as a social media platform?
  •  Would you continue to use Google+? Why or why not?
134 comments on “Google+ Activities
  1. dave says:

    Hi Group 1,

    Great tutorial on Google+, I am really impressed with the capabilities of Google+. As I mentioned in my previous comment however, google+ seems to be uncooperative for me here in China, so please don’t consider my lack of joining the community as a sign of anything more than that. After watching the tutorial, I got the impression that google+ offers quite a few of the same services/functions of facebook, but does so in a much neater and professional way. I myself don’t typically use social media a lot, but I would love to use google hangout and video conferencing for future professional development.



  2. davidp says:

    Dave… noted. Sorry the Great Firewall stands between us all this week.


    • dave says:

      Apparently, my work computer was also blocking google+ as well. I am logged in with my personal computer and a vpn, so should be able to participate.

      Thanks for understanding.

  3. Diane says:

    Q1: What are your impressions of Google+ as a social media platform?
    I love google products, and find them easy to navigate. You introduced me to some new uses for google+ with this learning module, and I look forward to exploring them more.

    Q2: Would you continue to use Google+? Why or why not? Yes, I will definitely continue to use Google+. Especially the documents, but increasingly the communities, too, as my coursework winds down and I have more time for exploring for the sake of exploring.

  4. Quick question – do you want us to answer the additional questions here or on Google+?


    • aadair says:

      Hey Brendan, looks like you’ve got the right idea! The first question is for discussion in the Google Community, the other two are for reflection and discussion here in the Blog.

  5. Q1 – What are your impressions of Google+ as a social media platform?

    I originally joined Google+ when I was frustrated with Facebook a few years back. It was just starting out and was, frankly speaking, underdeveloped. I closed both of my social networking accounts recently (about a year ago) and haven’t looked back. I felt a sort of “social network exhaustion” from all the updates, messages, feeds etc. I also had personal and privacy issues arise from using Facebook. My impression of Google+ today is that it is a far superior, more fully integrated platform. Where Facebook has evolved from a MySpace type social network, it has noticeably undergone a series of growing pains as it has tried to change and innovate. User backlash has led to an exodus of sorts. Google has been able to quietly innovate and shape its program behind the scenes. The results are a more fully-realized social networking experience that is simply (temporarily) lacking the users to take over the market.

    Q2 – Would you continue to use Google+? Why or why not?
    Perhaps. I may be ready to commit to Google’s social network now that I have completely washed my hands with Facebook. But I question if I need more white noise in my life. My job has me staring at glowing rectangles for most of the day. An active online social life will only proliferate that.

  6. David Jackson says:

    Q1: As noted previously, I initially tries Google+ and liked some features, but soon migrated back to Facebook as my social media platform of choice after they introduced their time-line, in spite of the fact that I had some serious reservations about how Facebook retains data.

    Q2: I now plan to start exploring Google+ as a platform for professional contacts and as an education tool, because as you pointed out it has some features that make it attractive for institutional and educational use; particularly its close integration with Google Docs, Google Maps, etc.

  7. dmp6 says:

    Q1. I have been using goggle+ for a year now and find that it is a very appropriate social platform for communicating with the students I support with its functions of private communities and hangouts. As much of the information on these forums could be confidential in nature I know the integrity of the comments is safe.

    Q2. I will definitely continue with goggle+ and will investigate how more of the functions can be used in the institution and with the students.

  8. Shaimaa says:

    What are your impressions of Google+ as a social media platform?
    As other said, I made a Google account a while ago but it was inactive as I didn’t want to manage 2 social networking platform. But with my new introduction to Google+, I see it as a more professional networking space especially with all the services and apps you get access to.

    Would you continue to use Google+? Why or why not?
    Yes I am planning to use it, however I’ll keep it to professional and educational networks only. I tried to do that with FB but usually the professional updates got lost through all the personal announcements from family and friends. So I am planning on keeping Google+ for professional uses only especially that now I am getting better about when to use FB and when to stay away for a few days/ months to get a more balanced life

  9. Phil Sweezey says:

    Personally I think that Google + is going to define itself as a really useful platform in the next couple years. It is especially interesting for educators and the newly built in integration with Google Hangout, which enables teachers to access a free, web based tool that offers all the same features as Skype, with the added bonus of numerous different plugins for other learning purposes. In addition to that, it’s screen sharing option is free, unlike Skype.
    With hashtag integration and google + pages, it seems a lot of startups are creating google plus pages to help garner more search results and put their contact information in a more easily accessible location.
    With all the products google offers, this is often overlooked. But I am curious to see what its usage is like in a couple years.

  10. troymoore says:

    I use Google+, but have always found it cumbersome. Thanks in large part to this OER (and my group’s) I am going to give it another try.

    I am continually impressed with the stride Google makes to become the premier, file sharing, interactive presence on the web. My only knock would be the lack of people and the time constraints to managing two social media sites.

  11. Terri S says:

    Ryan – Thanks for a great tutorial on Google+. Thinking about this tool in the corporate training and education arena for external students (customers) I can see some interesting use cases. For example circles could be set up for individual class use an out-of-class collaboration site for extra activities and information sharing. This could be useful to supplement both physical and virtual classes on a range of topics. Having said this public sharing of certain corporate information could be a concern. This was rightfully listed on the SWOT analysis as a tool WEAKNESS. I like the range of features included in this single tool.

  12. Sylvain Menard says:

    I use many of the Google services, some of them more regularly than others. I don’t use Google+ that much and having a more in depth look at it makes me realize how good of a platform it is. Compared to Twitter and Pinterest, I find Google to be far superior. It allows more flexibility in the way I can manage my contacts, and the integration of other services such as Google hangout makes it very convenient. The content of the feeds seems to be more targeted; I have browsed for an hour through people’s profiles, hash tags, and communities, and I did not see one post where someone shared what they had for breakfast. The feeds themselves offer more information on first contact which is a big time saver since you don’t always have to click on a link to get a good idea of the content. I will definitely use it in the future, not only as a professional development tool, but also as a learning tool for my students. Thanks team SM!

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