The following report is based on dialogue sessions with community partners, students, and instructors/coordinators as well as a review of available resources.

1. Taylor, A., Glick, S., Peikazadi, N., Chow, A. and Allen, B. (2018, May). Creating Reciprocal and Ethical Learning Partnerships in the Downtown Eastside: Messages from participants on the development of partnership planning tools. Available online:

The following report includes the results of a survey of students at St Francis Xavier University who participated in curriculum and international service learning as part of a SSHRC-funded study:

2. Raykov, M. and Taylor, A. (2018). Beyond Learning for Earning: The Long-term Outcomes of Course-based and Immersion Service Learning (84 pp). Report for St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish. Available online:

The following report was a comprehensive review and synthesis of literature related to service learning in higher education:

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The following report includes the results of a survey of graduates who had participated in community service-learning at the University of Alberta:

4. Taylor, A. and Raykov, M. (2014). The long-term outcomes of community service-learning. Edmonton, Alberta, University of Alberta. Available online:

The following report provides an overview of an Experiential Education program that has been implemented in several undergraduate courses at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics since 2011.

5. Douglas, C., Nelson, K., and Simard-Duplain, G. (June 2019). Community based experiential learning in economics (2011-2019): Benefits and challenges. A report submitted to the Vancouver School of Economics, UBC.

CDouglas et al CBEL Report June 2019 Final