One Chair

What is a chair? Visa 105 sculpture students were asked to reflect on the manner by which we define objects, but also on how objects also define us. Using as a point of departure Joseph Kosuth’s seminal 1964 installation ‘One and Three Chairs’, they had to create a chair that would reveal something about them. These self-portraits in the form of common furniture had to be personal and unique, but beyond anything, they had to be constructed well enough to support the weight of their instructor (exact weight not disclosed). This proposal led to the creation of 19 unique pieces, thoughtfully created with materials of their choosing, relevant to the ideas they wished to share.

Samuel Roy-Bois, VISA-105 Instructor

Students: Maddy Bohnet – Faith Bye – Nadia Fracy – Cady Gau – Hailey Gleboff – Elly Hajdu – Asahna Hughes – Jordin Kolmel – Laura McCarthy – Connor McCleary – Grace Nascimento-Laverdiere – Kate Nicholson – Damla Ozkalay – Freddie Thacker – Telina Wales – Wenjing Wang