Chandler Burnett, also known as Strawberry Juice, is an Ontario-born artist, UBCO student, and tattoo artist, currently based out of Kelowna, BC. Strawberries’ artistic practice is influenced by the artwork of traditional tattoo flash and vintage prison artwork. He has always taken an interest in the illustrative techniques associated with tattoos including the notable line work, compositions, simplistic imagery, and intricate shading methods. Strawberry incorporates his own style into this work to create new and unique compositions and continue the tradition of vintage tattoo art and design.

Strawberry is largely inspired by artists such as Briar Gates, Ed hardy, Huck Spaulding,  Paul Rogers, Prof Zeis, and Thomas Kirschner. While influenced by the rich history of the medium, Strawberry does not attempt to create a singular narrative, but rather opens up space for diverse interpretation for viewers. In addition to this, he attempts to achieve his goal of  “putting his personality onto paper”, to explore and create the subject matter and style that inspires him, and hopefully leave an impact on viewers.

Strawberry Juice, the artist’s first solo exhibition, will be on view in the Alternator’s Members’ Gallery from November 25 to December 17, 2022. Learn more about Chandler Burnetts practice by visiting his Instagram at @strawb3rryjuic3