course materials UPDATED: 2013-09-17

Manley, Smith, McMinn, Prévost
Horizons (5th edition): textbook & iLrn online exercises
Nelson/Heinle/CENGAGE 2012



  • ISBN 9780840048738
    = iLrn package, includes ebook (but no printed book):
    same as previous item, but a different ISBN for the one available from the UBC Bookstore



Horizons is available in various versions and packages, online and in bricks & mortar stores. In FREN 101, we will work on the preliminary chapter and chapters 1-4. In FREN 102, we will work on chapters 5-9.

In both courses, we will use both the textbook and the online exercises (or “eSAM,” electronic student activities manual).

The easiest thing for you to do (and, we’re pretty sure, the cheapest) is for you to buy the custom package from the UBC Bookstore. We’re pretty sure that’s the cheapest way to buy Horizons too, if you want to have a printed physical book.

The second-easiest but the cheapest: buying the eBook + iLrn version (and no printed book).

The reasons we’re asking you to buy the online version (whether or not you also buy the softbound physical book):

  1. to give you practice exercises between classes: this will help you to prepare for each class in advance, and to review material after class. These activities are vital for reinforcing learning, and helping you to learn more, better, more solidly, deeper.
  2. to help your classroom learning: so that you can do or redo exercises from the textbook (in its ebook version), some of which will be worked on in class, and some of which (= the mechanical / rote exercises) you can complete at your leisure, without time pressure!
  3. so that you can listen to more pronunciation online: including everything that is in the textbook. You’ll also find virtual flashcards, with pronunciation, for all the vocabulary in the textbook. There are many other extra useful materials attached to the ebook version of the textbook: self-testing, for example.


ISBN 9780176571498
= custom softbound textbook + iLrn package (includes e-book)
Available from the UBC Bookstore.
This is a special custom pack, made to measure for this course and so as to be cheaper than buying the textbook (hardback, one or two volumes) and iLrn package in the standard formats, as sold by retailers and directly by the publishers.
= $138.60


ISBN 9780840048745 or 9780840048738
= the purely online iLrn version (includes e-book); no printed book
This is available from various places.
You may wish to buy this instead of the custom package, if you are happy being entirely online and just using the ebook. You will need to buy this if you have succeeded in finding a second-hand copy of the textbook for under $25.60 (must include the requisite chapters! be careful: check that the textbook you’re buying isn’t just up to ch. 4, i.e. volume I of the 2-volume version of the textbook…).
= $105.95 – $113.00, depending on where you buy it.


Students will have access to the Horizons iLrn site, and will also have access to supplementary resources online (= this UBC Blogs site; you may also have a UBC Connect site, with similar information and anything extra added by your individual section’s instructor).

Further information on iLrn and what to do next:

If you are not buying Horizons from the UBC Bookstore, please ensure that whatever you buy includes

  • Horizons 5th ed. textbook:
    at least the preliminary chapter and chapters 1-4;
    if you are taking FREN 102, you will also need ch. 5-9.
  • Horizons 5th ed. iLrn access code: for the online exercises
    NB: make sure you have access for the whole duration of the course, until the final exam. If you are also taking FREN 102, make sure you have access until its end too. You may find cheaper codes for sale, always check when they expire!

More at the publisher’s website: see

  • Nelson here.
  • Heinle here: NB CENGAGEbrain is now NelsonBrain…
    [UPDATE: I’m leaving this link up because it still works, but it will redirect you to the Nelson site. Please do not be confused: you are still looking at the same Horizons! ]

For the textbook: it does not matter whether the version you have is printed or electronic; if it’s printed, whether it’s hardcover, looseleaf, or the custom edition; if you bring the whole book to class or just the current (and, it would be wise, previous) chapter(s); and, for the electronic version, it doesn’t matter whether you buy the whole eBook or just one eChapter at a time. So long as you have the right book in the right edition—in whatever form—with you in class, and available to work on outside class, until at least the December exam period.

This is what the book cover looks like in the UBC custom version: it is different from the non-custom normal one: