description & syllabus

The description and syllabus (PDF) includes:

  • content & objectives
  • eligibility
  • required course materials / textbook
  • modes of assessment & distribution of marks
  • UBC admin information (warnings about the final examination, dates for withdrawal from the course without / with a W on one’s transcript)
  • co-ordinator contact information


FREN 101-102 is a beginners’ French course, of a “blended” and “enriched” approach. The objective of the course is the acquisition of basic comprehension, communication, and writing skills. It aims to provide students with a solid grounding in French grammar and the development of an awareness of the language’s structures, and to act as a useful introduction to French and Francophone culture. The course involves three hours a week of classroom work, plus five one-hour sessions of oral comprehension practice in the Multimedia Language Centre (the evening section, FREN 101_901, has an online alternative).


  • You will NOT be graded on French pronunciation: this is a beginners’ class!
  • See also: The Rules