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the language lab UPDATED: 2013-09-16

Language lab work (or, for FREN 101-901, the alternative exercises c/o your instructor) = 10% of your final grade.

The lab sessions start in week 3 of term for half the groups, week 4 for the other half. You will have five (5) lab sessions, one every two weeks. Remember: there are no labs (or other UBC classes) on Wednesday 18 September, Monday 14 October, and Monday 11 November. For this reason, only your best three labs (not all five) count.

Further information is in the attached PDFs:

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  • Academic advising: Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Arts grading guidelines: your final grade may be scaled / curved / adjusted to comply with these guidelines. For a version of these guidelines used by FHIS, see: Grading Guidelines for Content-Based Courses (Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies, UBC)



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