Virtual Reality Series: Kelp Types & Zonation

Virtual reality ocean ecosystem created in Photoshop for the UBC Faculty of Earth and Ocean Systems, using real textures, few of my photographs taken from the beach, Photoshop paint brushes, bits and pieces, adjustment tools. I’ve used the same photo montage as in my previous posts, whereas this time the emphasis is on the types of kelp.

Chocolate Coins from Dean Daniel

Chocolate coin peeling sticker design - superimposing a face onto a gold coin
The idea of superimposing Sauder dean’s profile photograph on a virtual gold coin, adding the custom embossed text and then ordering metallic peeling stickers for the chocolate gifts has proven to be a much more elegant and appalling choice instead of having the face contour embossed in metallic foil, to immitate a gold coin. I’ve inspired myself from one of my older fun projects  (see the 2nd gold coin in the image). It is in fact a photograph of  two people I took during a professional event. Click to enlarge.