The intrinsic links between diet and physical health

When it comes to understanding our health, it is fair to say that we all have a much stronger grasp on everything health-related than we did twenty years ago. Now an ever-growing body of research, all things health and wellness are covered on the daily. When it comes to supporting and promoting our physical health, the most commonly discussed contributing factor is nearly always diet. A healthy diet has a significant impact on one’s physical health. We all know this. However, many people struggle to stick to healthy diets. The modern individual lives a busy life, and so it can be difficult to stick to a routine that demands attention to detail and planning. So, here are three ways to ensure that a healthy diet becomes a healthy lifestyle, and not a chore.

Bring the exotic in to spice up the ordinary

One of the most common complaints people have about healthy approaches to food is that they feel they often lack flavour. Not anymore. People are incorporating all types of healthy foods and liquids into their diets these days. From your standard fruits and vegetables, to the more exotic, unfamiliar herbs like Shatavari, people are using all kinds of foods, herbs, and spices to bring new life to a meal that is generally quite bland. Chicken and vegetables can easily turn into Moroccan chicken with spicy grilled vegetables (to name one example).

Shop the outer ring of the supermarket…

Or better yet, go to a farmers’ market. A healthy diet is easy to uphold when you remove temptation. In the supermarket, for example, the fresh, healthy produce is generally stocked in the outer ring (i.e. the surrounding aisles). All the processed nasties are stocked in the centre aisles. If you restrict your shopping as much as possible to that outer ring, you leave with yummy healthy foods in your shopping trolley, and not unhealthy temptations. And in the farmers’ market, all produce is generally fresh, clean, organic, and healthy to boot. What is not to love? It might take some extra time to do the food shop for the week in this way, but your physical health and your body will thank you.

Keep healthy snacks as staples in the kitchen

When we get hungry, we often grab for what is closest and easiest to prepare. This is where it gets difficult for a lot of people when trying to stick to a healthy diet, because they often do not think ahead enough to have healthy snacks ready for on-the-go movement and hangry moments. So, keep the fridge and kitchen cupboards stocked with healthy snacks, and you cannot go wrong. Whether it is containers of nuts, corn thins, fruit salad, or pre-cut veggie sticks (to name a few easy options), healthy snacks are delicious, nutritious, and do not come with the side of guilt or unnecessary fats or sugars. Of course, everything in moderation, but it pays to stick to a predominantly-healthy diet.